Meet Harper! Kelsall Chiropractic Welcomes New Office Puppy

Meet Harper! Our new clinic puppy. She is now just 3 months old and enjoying half-day visits to the clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Harper is an Australian Labradoodle (mini labradoodle), which is a Labradoodle and Cockapoo mix. She is hypoallergenic and a non-shedder. Originally Australian labradoodles were bread as service dogs (smarty pants and attentive). So far she loves to greet people in the reception area with lots of tail wagging and spontaneously fun puppy energy. She also has a calm side to her where she just casually saunters around and then finds a cozy spot to take a nap.

This all started years ago when one of the clinic LMTs brought a puppy into the clinic for a few hours and all our patients that day couldn’t tell me how much they enjoyed having a few moments while in the reception area to enjoy the puppy. It brightened our whole clinic day.

I thought to myself… one day this would be a great addition to the clinic. And here we are, many years later. We have found our match.

The playfulness of a puppy and sincerity of an adult dog can touch your heart, relax you and uplift your day… feel free to stop by and say hello to Harper.

chiropractic office puppy

Here are just a few comments from our patients:

– “This just made my whole day!”

– “I may just need to make more appointments, now that you have Harper at the clinic.”

– “I think next time I will come early so that I have more play time with Harper.”


I began to see the benefits of chiropractic care at my first appointment with Dr. Kelsall. Having had spinal-fusion surgery, I felt like an especially challenging case. But after a few visits, I was surprised to find my chronic back pain completely gone. Issue resolved. I recommend Dr. Kelsall without hesitation to anyone with back trouble of any kind.


Dr. Kelsall and the massage therapists have always taken good care of me. Karen is very thorough in her adjustments. Most importantly, she spends quality time with me. She is very professional and has taught me a lot about the importance of good spine health and the wellness of my entire, connected body.

Amy is an awesome office manager. She is always returns calls and does a great job dealing with insurance issues.



I came to Dr. Kelsall with an old sports injury. I expected a treatment plan to help alleviate my pain, which Dr. Kelsall provided. What I didn’t expect was for her to solve the problem. Today, my pain is gone. Everyone at the clinic is professional and trustworthy. I highly recommend Kelsall Chiropractic to athletes of all ages.


Having Karen as my chiropractor for the last 6+ years has proven invaluable to my job performance. As a PE teacher and an avid cyclist, my body gets a constant workout. When I see Karen regularly, I know that she and all her kind and well trained staff will keep my body fine-tuned and ready to go.

You can always count on cutting-edge treatment from Karen and a warm reception from everyone at the clinic.


I look forward to my clinic visits, whether it’s for a regular check-up or for help with a specific problem. The staff is great and I always feel better afterward. I truly trust Dr. Kelsall in the adjustment room. And that’s the most important thing to me.


I was having multiple monthly migraines when I made an appointment to see Dr. Kelsall. I could tell at our first meeting that I was in good hands. Dr. Kelsall found that my spine was considerably out of alignment and was probably the cause of my headaches. Within a couple of weeks of starting treatment, my headaches decreased in frequency and severity. Today, I am virtually headache-free. And I return to the clinic every month for a tune-up to keep me that way. Thank you, Dr. Kelsall, Margaret, and Amy.


Dr. Kelsall has been my chiropractor since she started her practice in Portland. She and her staff have been a godsend. I have lower back problems as well as shoulder and neck issues, mostly due to arthritis. Without the monthly visits, my mobility would be severely limited. Dr. Kelsall’s treatments and a daily exercise regime are helping me to manage my arthritic pain.