Chiropractic Services

Northwest Portland Chiropractic ServicesDr. Kelsall incorporates a wide range of techniques to best assist her patients on a path toward health.

    • Manual manipulation is Dr. Kelsall’s preferred adjustment technique. She also employs drop-table adjustments, as well as instrument-assisted/lower-force adjustments for patients unable to experience manual manipulation. “Gentle, but effective” is Dr. Kelsall’s mantra, as she expertly manipulates the spine with care.
    • Deep-tissue, injury-specific massage: Licensed massage therapists prepare patients for treatment by facilitating soft tissue relaxation that supports chiropractic alignment.
    • cupping therapy chiropractic techniqueCupping Therapy: An alternative soft tissue and manual therapy technique using silicone cups to suction skin away from underlying soft tissues. This treatment helps promote blood flow, relax muscles and decrease pain.
    • Leander Table:  Utilized to more efficiently and gently manipulate the body, the Leander table rhythmically allows joint opening and aids in relaxation of soft tissues of the body.
    • SpiderTech™ Tape/Kinesiotape®: A Japanese taping technique that increases lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation and increases healing. Patients wear the tape for 3-5 days. This technique is especially helpful for acute injuries and post-surgical knees.

    • Graston Technique®: Using specifically designed metal instruments to release scar tissue and fascia, this technique addresses chronic conditions such as iliotibial(IT) band syndrome and old injuries.

    • Cold laser light therapy: Known as the “Cadillac of Lasers”, the Erchonia laser is used to access tissues at the cellular level in order to decrease inflammation, break up scar tissue, heal bruising and speed up tissue healing.

      • Ultrasound is used to decrease inflammation and calm muscle spasms.
      • Therapeutic Exercises: At the appropriate time Dr. Kelsall incorporates exercise prescriptions that include: stretching, rehabilitative strengthening and postural re-balancing.

    • IntelliSkin: Kelsall Chiropractic is an affiliate of IntelliSkin Performance Enhancing Apparel. IntelliSkin provides posture correction shirts and braces for improving bad posture. Their innovative shirts help to naturally align your body, fix your posture, and eliminate back pain. Learn more about our solutions for chiropractic posture correction in Portland

If you have any questions about our chiropractic services for the Portland Oregon area, or our areas of specialty, please call (503)-223-8719.