Pam Worthington, LMT #10749

Massage therapist in Northwest Portland OR, Pam Worthington, discovered the power of massage in 1995 while training for Cycle Oregon. Regular massage eased her sore muscles and relieved low-back pain. It also became a relaxing break from a busy life with two children. Her personal interest evolved into a professional one, and she enrolled in the Oregon School of Massage in 2001.

After two years of study, she graduated in 2003. Worthington joined the staff at Kelsall Chiropractic in 2007. Her practice utilizes a variety of techniques to reduce muscle strain and fatigue and to promote relaxation for her patients. She employs deep tissue and trigger point therapy. She also favors myofascial work for its ability to ease pain, break up scar tissue, and improve posture. Fascia, the body’s connective tissue, is considered one of the vital organs. Worthington sees the human body as endlessly fascinating and incredibly complex. Yet, all its systems are interrelated, which is what “makes massage so effective.”

Chiropractic and massage makes intuitive sense to Worthington. “Chiropractic aligns the bones, so the tissues will follow,” she says. “Massage helps that alignment stay in place. This creates stability, and we want adjustments to maintain themselves.”

Worthington supports a health paradigm that encourages patients to take an active part in maintaining their own wellness. Fitness for life is her motto. That combined with a healthy diet, stress reduction and massage make for a healthy lifestyle.

Worthington has lived in Portland for most of her life, and considers herself a native. A University of Oregon graduate with a BA in Spanish, she has worked as a flight attendant and a baker, before settling on her present career in massage. When not caring for patients she is working out, dabbling in gymnastics or bicycling. A recent dive into a 200-hour yoga teacher training has expanded Worthington’s opportunities for taking care of the body as well as the spirit.

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