16% off all supplements, pillows, new patient appointments!

We have turned *16*! It’s been 16 years since Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic started in 1997. In celebration, and as a special thank you to all of our patients, we would like to offer you:

*16%* off all supplements and medical supplies through October 16th. This includes pillows, physio balls, foam rollers, lumbar supports, Melt (hand/foot) ball kits, etc.
A free 60 minute massage gift certificate to the first *16* people who refer a new patient (ie; family or friend) to the clinic before October 16th.
*16%* off all new patient initial office visits (includes exam and treatment) scheduled before October 16th.
We appreciate our patients!


All of us at Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic

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