Clinic Update

We hope you are healthy and patiently dealing with our daily changing world.
We have re-opened for Chiropractic care and Medical Massage starting April 15. The current State of Oregon “Shelter in Place” mandate allows us to be open as an “essential service”. We have now had some time at the office to implement measures to make a visit to the clinic safe and comfortable during this time period.

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Here are the new procedures we have implemented during this time:

1. Shortly before your visit we will call you and ask you a few questions regarding your health.
2. Visits have been scheduled farther apart to accommodate only 1 patient in the office at a time.
3. Wait in your car for your appointment, or wait in the driveway if you are walking. Once you have parked or are standing in the driveway, call the office 503-223-8719. We will then take your payment/copay over the phone with a credit card.
4. We have instituted extra precautionary measures between each visit to ensure that viruses and other pathogens are not spread by contact with surfaces. We clean commonly touched surfaces with hospital-grade cleaners/disinfectants between each patient visit.
5. Please wear a mask and gloves if you have them.
6. Your practitioner will open the clinic door for you and have your head into the adjusting room or massage room.
7. Chiropractic visits will include modalities such as: Cold Laser, Graston, medical massage, Spidertaping, and therapeutic exercise as clinically indicated.
8. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we are waiving our cancellation fee for those who need to cancel their appointment at the last minute due to illness.
In the meantime, here are a few exercises for the neck, mid-back and lower back areas.

Hope to see you soon and be well.

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