Cold Laser Therapy

The use by medical professionals of light laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, has been around since the late 1990s, when Erchonia Corporation set out to win FDA approval in 1999 by studying its effects on alleviating neck and shoulder pain — the most common neuromuscular conditions with the least amount of progress made in treatment. Their technology, the Erchonia Laser, was approved by the FDA in 2002, and is now called the “Cadillac of Lasers,” due to its high quality and outstanding results in affecting healing at the cellular level.

Portland OR cold laser therapy involves the movement of the laser head over (but not actually touching) the injured area, allowing the low intensity phototonic energy to shine on and stimulate the affected cells. This laser light therapy can help Portland Oregon pain sufferers by:

-decreasing inflammation, such as in sprains and strains
-breaking up scar tissue anywhere on the body
-healing bruising, including deep bone bruises
-speeding up tissue healing
-treating tendonitis
-alleviating muscle spasms
-helping to heal carpal tunnel syndrome

Dr. Karen Kelsall has been using cold laser therapy for more than ten years with her patients. She finds that because it is frequency-specific, she can specify what she is treating, and then use the two probes to really surround a joint. She has used it to successfully treat all of the issues listed above, as well as the treatment of acute pain in the back or neck, where other techniques would not be recommended. Contact Kelsall Chiropractic at 503-223-8719 to schedule an appointment for cold laser therapy in Portland OR.

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