Margaret Hudson, LMT

Massage therapy in Northwest Portland OR is offered by Margaret Hudson at Kelsall Chiropractic. Margaret Hudson began her massage career at Kelsall Chiropractic in 2007. Her path to massage traveled through the theater, which she studied at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. It was amidst the dramatic arts that she discovered the Alexander Technique—a body awareness method that performers, athletes, and musicians use to maximize the body’s potential by changing patterns of holding the body.

Hudson followed her Alexander Technique mentor to Portland, where the idea of massage therapy took hold. She pursued that interest and enrolled at the East West College of Healing Arts where she completed a year’s training program in massage. Hudson is also certified in Thai Massage, which she incorporates into her predominantly Swedish massage practice at Kelsall Chiropractic. Thai massage increases range of motion with passive stretching combined with compression movements that help reduce inflammation. “It’s a different way of attacking a part of the body in spasm,” she says. “The squeezing and releasing increases circulation.”

“People are used to caring for others, and massage is an opportunity to have someone else care for them,” Hudson says. “And, clinically speaking, adjustments go more smoothly if the patient is relaxed. If the body can let go, it is easier for the doctor and more comfortable for the patient. Chiropractic will bring you back into alignment but tight muscles can pull you back into misalignment.”

Hudson recognizes that it’s easy to get out of control of your own health and thus nudges clients toward more self-care and empowers them to search out all the resources they need to build health. “If you give people the option, they will ask questions,” she says. “This helps them re-engage with their own healing.”

Massage therapy in Northwest Portland OR offers patients an opportunity to practice being aware, to start to awaken the brain, and recognize pain, feeling and sensation. This can be a new phenomena for some patients, she says.

A passion for the body and how it moves and works, Hudson is drawn to exercise physiology. Not surprisingly, she bikes to work most days, runs, hikes, snowboards, and when at rest, reads. The nursing profession is a draw for Hudson. For the here and now, she is planning on extending her Thai massage training and finishing up her sports massage certificate.

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