Doug Keeney, LMT received his training at the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco, CA, graduating in 2011. He then went on to work for SC Sports Therapy, a chiropractic and massage clinic in San Francisco. After gaining deep knowledge of trigger point therapy, he then started his own practice, Transcending Massage, which he operated and owned in the heart of San Francisco’s busy Financial District.

He ran his successful practice treating overly stressed San Franciscans, giving them deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release combined with eastern modalities and philosophy. This provided his clients with both highly effective soft tissue therapy and overall system relaxation/reset, which quickly created a loyal client base. Doug is highly-educated, practiced and successful in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Swedish massage modalities. Clients with neck, shoulder and upper back issues caused by lengthy sessions seated in front of the computer report big improvements with Doug’s tailored and personalized therapeutic sessions.

Doug’s intuition is supported by his extensive love and knowledge of anatomy. Doug says “Being grounded and deeply tuned into my clients helps to guide my work, and my understanding of anatomy and how massage affects the body root my process in fact and science.”
Doug was also a life long anxiety sufferer and his self healing journey began with massage. Doug says, “I felt the pure connection of mind and body when anxiety left my body while healing hands released tension from muscles and fascia. It was a clear connection and it lead me to connect my process of healing from anxiety as a physical one as much as a mental one. This ultimately lead me to a life free from anxiety controlling me and my decisions.”

In his free time, Doug puts a lot of time and care into pursuing his personal health and fitness. A dedicated hot yoga enthusiast, weightlifter, and runner, he definitely “walks the talk” when it comes to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. He also practices Transcendental Meditation, which he learned through classes at TM San Francisco. He enjoys making music, reading, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his wife and young son.

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