Reina received her massage training at the Hawaiian Island School of Massage 13 years ago completing a 1200 hour program. She has a diverse experience in the massage field having worked with chiropractors, ayurvedic doctors, in hospice, luxury spas, corporations and clinical massage studios. Reina has seen how massage can have a profound impact on pain management, stress, injury recovery, and in supporting overall optimal wellness.

In addition, Reina completed a three year in depth study of ayurveda from Vedika Global, where she continued on as an adjunct faculty member managing Vedika Global ayurvedic kitchen and teaching the fundamentals of ayurvedic cooking and nutrition. She is also a former instructor of massage therapy at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA. Most recently Reina worked at Google as a massage therapist in San Francisco.

Reina also graduated from the University of Oregon receiving a BA in environmental studies with a focus in field botany and traditional uses of western herbal medicine.

Reina has a lifelong passion for wellness and education. She believes true health starts with an inner transformation guided by what we eat, what we think about and how we spend our time. A session with Reina will give you a restored sense of freedom in your joints and muscles and leave you feeling lighter in the body and mind.

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