Safer Visits and Cleaner Air

Keeping you safe for your chiropractic visit is our top priority. All of us at Kelsall Chiropractic want you to feel confident in coming inside for your treatment. Our new health protocols include cleaning surfaces between patients, keeping our occupancy very low, touch-free temperature checks and payment options, and our new investment in a surgically clean air purifier, typically used by much more stringent health care industries.

Made by Surgically Clean Air™, our Jade purification system removes 99.998% of viruses, bacteria, dust particles, pollen, organic chemicals, gases, mold, odors, and allergens from the indoor air. This 5-minute video explains their 6-stage filtration technology, made up of:

  • Ultrafine particulate HEPA-Rx filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Germicidal UV-C+ chamber
  • Super oxidizing photocatalytic NANO-TiO2
  • Hydroxyl radical reactivity chamber
  • Revitalizing negative ion chamber

And, the purifier works quietly in the background as you are adjusted, moving the air quickly and quietly through filtration without noise to disturb you. We feel confident that with Jade, we are all breathing healthy air, shifting our complete focus to where it should be—on your chiropractic care.