I nearly broke my neck in an accident as a teenager and then sustained whiplash 7 years later. The initial injuries eventually healed, but the long-term effects are very real. There’s not just one answer or one thing that will help with the chronic pain. Kelsall Chiropractic has offered me multiple tools an techniques to help alleviate my discomfort: ice, heat, massage, adjustments, stretches, exercises, back supports, spider tape, natural muscle relaxers, and many more. I honestly believe I have learned more about my body from Dr. Kelsall than I have from my MD. I also feel that Dr. Kelsall treats my body and my person. At the clinic, I’m not just a statistic on a standardized chart.

I was raised solely on MDs. So in the beginning I was skeptical of chiropractic care. After 8 years, I am still surprised when my pain is relieved by a simple adjustment by Dr. Kelsall.

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