Back Pain Treatment

Portland Back Pain Treatment

Portland back pain treatment is offered through Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic. Our back is truly the workhorse of the body, performing thousands of muscle movements every day to support your activities.

When you are experiencing back pain, or your back completely gives out, you fully understand how important a strong back is for your health. As you age, you can throw out your back with the slightest of twists.

When left untreated, back pain will reoccur and can lead to spinal cord compression and vertebrae fusing together. To keep your back healthy, in most cases, it is crucial that you restore mobility to the back joints that are being restricted by tissue injury.

Treatment of the initial injury followed by monthly adjustments are crucial steps to getting your back fully healthy again.

At Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic, you’ll find a Portland back pain doctor that understands how to provide gentle yet effective treatment that allows you to strengthen the back muscles to prevent future injury. We’ll create a custom treatment plan that will keep you one step ahead of back issues that could get worse and lead to chronic pain.

For patients with new back pain, ice, cold laser therapy, ultrasound, massage, and gentle spinal adjustments can help reduce inflammation and the acute pain. Once the injury is on a path to healing, treatments including deep tissue massage and heat on the affected area followed by chiropractic adjustments. At this time, therapeutic exercises are then layered on as part of the treatment plan to help you strengthen your back and prevent re-injury.

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For new patients with long-term back issues, Dr. Kelsall may need an X-ray of the affected areas to create the best treatment plan for your particular situation. Treatment for long-term back injuries may include heat, deep tissue massage or Graston Technique®, gentle spinal manipulation, and injury specific exercise. Some patients do well using Intelliskin- a posture-correction shirt for improving bad posture and reducing back pain.

If you want specialized care to treat your back pain in Portland Oregon, or simply to strengthen your back and maintain your health, make an appointment to come in either using our online form, or calling 503-223-8719.