Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment in Portland

Portland neck pain treatment and specialized care is offered through Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic.

“A pain in the neck” is a reference to someone annoying because even mild neck pain can be so persistent that it disrupts your day. Neck pain can also be excruciating and severe enough to limit your head’s range of motion and cause headaches.

Stiffness, or a knot in your neck, can occur when you’ve sat too long in one position without moving your head, or if you’ve slept awkwardly. We often experience neck pain when we’ve done an unusual activity the day before, such as gardening or painting a ceiling. It is one of the most common everyday injuries, especially in adults over the age of 50. At Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic, we are familiar with treating neck pain and headaches, and are happy we can provide relief to our patients through neck pain chiropractic care.

Neck injuries can occur anytime we are straining our neck, which leads to muscles spasming and tightening, and eventually, a swelling of the joints of the neck. Sometimes the cause of neck pain is arthritis or whiplash, or a condition called cervical spinal stenosis caused most commonly by the aging and degeneration of tissues in the region. If left untreated, neck pain often leads to spinal degeneration, fused vertebrae, or herniated disks.

The services offered at Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic in Portland Oregon that can treat neck pain are numerous. They include deep tissue, injury-specific massage; spinal manipulation to help realign vertebrae displaced during impact or muscle compensation; ultrasound that helps calm muscle spasms and decrease inflammation; cold laser light therapy that accesses tissues at the cellular level to break up scar tissue, heal bruising and speed healing; and Spidertech™ tape/Kinesiotape® that increases lymphatic drainage while reducing inflammation. One patient who came to the clinic for her chronic neck pain states, “Kelsall Chiropractic has offered me multiple tools and techniques to help alleviate my discomfort: ice, heat, massage, adjustments, stretches, exercises, back supports, spider tape, natural muscle relaxers, and many more.”

If you want specialized care to treat your Portland neck pain, or simply to strengthen your neck and maintain your health, make an appointment to come in either using our online form, or calling 503-223-8719.