Season of the Weekend Warrior

As the skies clear, and the warmer weather begins most people become more active than they typically are during the rest of the year. Whether you are taking on home improvement projects, gardening, hiking or training for your first ultra marathon keep in mind what your body has been doing throughout the earlier parts of the year. Respect your limitations, and ease into a more active summer to help avoid “weekend warrior” related injuries. There are simple precautions you can take to avoid an injury that could hinder your enjoyment of the summer.

Warm-up with light stretching or walking prior to a day of yard work
Follow the 10% rule: Don’t increase mileage or time by >10% of your typical capacity (run 3 miles, increase to 3.3 the 1st week, then 3.6 the 2nd, etc.)
Drink 32oz of water per hour that you are active
Put an icepack on overworked muscles for 20 minutes to avoid soreness
Avoid lifting heavy objects solo
If you are in PAIN, you are overdoing it
Be smart, stay safe and healthy this summer! If you are doing any activities that cause pain please see our Portland chiropractic services to help get your body back in order. Contact Kelsall Chiropractic for additional help on how to avoid weekend warrior injuries!

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