Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy in Portland

Sports chiropractic in Portland OR is offered through Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic.

A major benefit to living in the Pacific Northwest is the mild weather that lets us do a variety of outdoor sports year-round. As we pursue team victories or a personal best time, we can succumb to injury from muscles that are now being asked to do the same exercise 12 months out of the year.

When an injury does occur, athletes want to heal it quickly so they can get back in the game.

Sport injuries chiropractic involves treating more than just the injured area. At Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic, we understand that an injury in one area affects the whole body, because other muscles begin working harder to compensate for the injury. Not only do we treat the injury, but we send you away with therapeutic exercises that will help you rebuild the strength in rehabilitating muscles.

To help heal your injury, we use a combination of Portland sports therapy services that include: deep tissue, injury-specific massage; spinal manipulation to help realign vertebrae displaced during impact or muscle compensation; ultrasound that helps calm muscle spasms and decrease inflammation; Spidertech™ tape/Kinesiotape® that increases lymphatic drainage while reducing inflammation; and cold laser light therapy that breaks up scar tissue, heals bruising, speeds healing.

For chronic pain from slow-to-heal or old sports injuries, Kelsall Chiropractic uses the Graston Technique®, which is soft tissue mobilization by specially designed metal instruments to release scar tissue and fascia. This technique addresses chronic conditions, such as iliotibial (IT) band syndrome, planter fasciitis, chronic muscle spasm, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and injuries where scar tissue is present.
Dr. Kelsall understands the nature of sports injuries, having competed at an Olympic level in gymnastics for Canada. In addition to her doctorate in chiropractic, she has done post-doctoral study in sports injuries and earned her chiropractic sports physician certificate (CCSP®). If you are seeking a sports chiropractor in Portland OR, or simply want to maintain or strengthen your health for the sport you love, make an appointment to come in either using our online form, or calling 503-223-8719.